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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Do Lots Of Laundry

I was curious about how many loads of laundry the average family of 4 does per week so I Googled it. It seems 5-6 loads plus bedding is the average. I probably do 10 per week plus bedding for a family of 3. During my search, I found all kinds of interesting discussions on the topic, mostly ways to reduce the amount of laundry you do. Many of the suggestions -- wear pajamas more than one night, hang bath towels up and use a second time, wear say a pair of jeans twice -- I already do. Then I started thinking about our laundry and realized I don't think I can reduce it any more. I run daily. My husband runs 4 days a week. That's 11 sets of sweaty workout clothes. My husband is a handy, outdoorsman so he regularly produces grimy clothes. I cook - a lot. Much of what I wear has to be laundered quickly so that stains do not set. I haven't even gotten to my active, messy 4 year old son. Here's my solution -- an energy efficient washer and dryer. I got them about a month ago in hopes of 1. Reducing my water and electricity costs 2. Reducing the impact I make on our planet 3. Making the entire laundry process less painful. I'll report back. In the meantime, I welcome all suggestions and comments.

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  1. Update: Received my first full months water bill -- down 40%


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