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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All Sticky

Recently, I've had a unique laundry problem. My 4 year old has really taken to stickers. He usually just sticks them on paper but when he finds a sticker he really likes, he wants to put it on his shirt and wear it all day. Here's my problem -- I've forgotten to remove a few stickers, so they end up going through the washer and dryer. What's left behind is a caked on sticker residue.

I've let these shirts sit on the counter in the laundry room for weeks. Recently I found an article by Ask Heloise in the January 2011 Good Housekeeping magazine. Here's what she suggests:

'Put the adhesive area face down on a clean terry towel and pour a little acetone-based nail polish remover on the spot (it should be safe since the shirt is washable). Then rub with another clean towel to push the remover through the material. Turn the shirt over to check that the adhesive is coming off; it may take several attempts.'

It worked. Who knew? Does anyone have another suggestion that takes care of the sticky?

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