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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Don't Gender Price

I've heard many statements similar to this one over the years. Maybe a month ago, Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends made a comment about men's shirts being cheaper to clean than women's shirts in a way that suggested gender pricing. Before I worked at A Cleaner World, I too had that same misconception. Let me set the record straight.

As a general rule, we price clothing in half or full garment increments -- when it comes to dry cleaning. It doesn't matter the size or gender. Dress shirts for men, women, and children undergo a different process - they are laundered and machine ironed while wet on automatic equipment that produces lots of shirts per hour. If we get a dress shirt that cannot be laundered (that has to be dry cleaned and/or hand ironed) then it will be priced at the half garment price for dry cleaning plus any up charges if it contains silk or linen. Common variables that would exclude a garment from regular dress shirt pricing are: silk, linen, rayon, spandex, ruffles, pleats, special buttons or trim, and leather.

Does that help?

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