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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Mom Irons Sheets

My mom is crazy particular about their bed. I can't even begin to tell you all the specifics - tightly tucked corners, a certain fold on the pillow cases, and on and on. My parent's bed looks like - well it should belong in an expensive hotel. I never figured out how their bed looked just so until I discovered that my mom irons their sheets! How crazy is that?

I already feel like I have enough ironing to do. I faithfully change our sheets once a week so the thought of adding two sets of queen size sheets to the ironing pile every week is a bit overwhelming to me. Plus, I have a hard enough time just folding the fitted sheets. (On a side note, when searching the Internet to see if there are benefits to ironed sheets I learned that Oprah likes to have her sheets changed every other day. Lucky her.)

So just for curiosity sake - to iron or not iron? That's the question.


  1. we don't iron our sheets, BUT on the occasions when i have slept on pressed sheets - it was heavenly!

  2. We also don't do that, actually this is the firs time that I've heard about that.
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  3. Since I posted this, I've heard from several folks that iron their sheets. Who knew?!


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