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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We Check Pockets

You would think that I'd learn a lesson after doing something several times. Clearly I don't because I still forget to check the pockets of my husband's pants. I usually wash pants that have tissues in the pockets. Most recently I didn't check a pair of workout shorts, and I washed the ear buds to his i-pod.

After the ear bud incident and knowing our customer service representatives check the pockets on all garments when writing up orders, I began to wonder about some of the crazy things they have found. So I asked a couple of our district managers. Here are my top five favorite (printable):

#5 - Dried up worms in a child's pants pocket.
#4 - A small plush toy dog with a severed head.
#3 - A pile of cash - but the story is what I loved. The wife brought a jacket in to be cleaned. (The husband had been using the jacket pocket to save cash without his wife knowing.) The next morning the husband was sitting at the drive thru door when the manager got there at about 6:30 a.m. He told the manager and asked if we found it. He was white as a sheet. The manager had the money in a safe place and returned it to the husband. The man shook his hand 10 times after getting the money back, and he asked that we not tell his wife about the money. We're guessing he found a new hiding place.
#2 - A check for $40,000 - endorsed.
#1 - A bottle of Viagra. When it was returned to the customer (wife), she said "Oh gosh, I don't want to lose that. He doesn't even know he's taking it. I put it in with his other pills."

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