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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Cleaner World Saved My Shirt (and My Husband)

If you follow this blog, then you already know that several months ago my family and I relocated to Tennessee. We closed on our house in North Carolina at the end of March and weren't scheduled to close on our new house until the end of May. So we had to box up and temporarily store everything at two different locations. First of all shame on me for not following my own advice. But you know there is always a but -- but I did think all of my clothes were going to my parents completely finished climate controlled basement for roughly two months. I used boxes. Somehow two cardboard wardrobe boxes ended up in a barn in Tennessee -- in an area that happened to receive some heavy rains last spring.

I found out the day we moved into our new house that one box got wet and several garments were covered with mildew. I handled it really well until I saw that one special item. This shirt's value is completely sentimental -- it's merely a long sleeve white athletic hoodie with the Team in Training logo on the left chest. Now if anyone has run a marathon and raised money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor or memory of a loved one, then you know how emotional that experience is. The shirt represented that experience.

I tried everything to get it out and finally resigned myself to the fact that it was ruined, but I couldn't part with it so it went in the grunge clothes drawer. I recently pulled it out and decided to call Mike Smith, Vice President of Operations for A Cleaner World. After talking with Mike, I learned that mildew could be removed from certain types of fabrics.

Lucky for me I have a connection because I mailed him the shirt. He got the mildew out moving the shirt out of the grunge drawer and also moving my husband out of the dog house. Lucky for you folks in North Carolina and Virginia -- you have A Cleaner World right around the corner.

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