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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Three Things To Look For

If you are like me, you get attached to your clothes. So when we moved, the thought of finding new everything, especially a new dry cleaner, did not please me. I found myself using these three categories as I searched for and tested new service providers. I thought they were applicable when looking for a new dry cleaner too.

1. Reputation - Ask folks you trust, and it's important to get more than one opinion. One person with one bad experience could sway you, and that one bad experience could be an isolated incident.
2. Service - Not just ready when you are told but does the staff take the time to know you? Do they listen and take notes when you have a specific concern? Is the overall experience pleasant?
3. Professional Standards - Is the staff trained and knowledgeable? Are the technicians certified? Is the business a member of a professional association?

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