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Friday, December 17, 2010

Thoughtful Office Staff

I share this story just so you get a sense for the kind of folks that work at A Cleaner World. While this happened a number of years ago, most of those folks still work at the A Cleaner World corporate office. Eight years ago today my sister was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. To make a long story short, the course of treatment was radical chemo followed by a bone marrow transplant. I had the honor of being the donor. One of the requirements was that I had to stay within a certain mile radius of the hospital starting the day before chemo was to begin. My sister's treatment was in Nashville, so I lived in an apartment with my dad across the street from Vanderbilt University Medical Center for two weeks.

The day before my departure the office staff assembled a lovely send off featuring a cake from Ganache Bakery and a box of wrapped gifts. In the box was a set of instructions. The gifts were numbered, and I was instructed to only open the appropriate package on the appropriate day.

We quickly developed a routine -- I'd get up early and run, then my dad and I would walk to Starbucks, then we'd walk over to my sister's hospital room where we spent the entire day. Each day I'd take the appropriate package and we'd open it. The items ranged from games to uplifting notes to M&M's and so on. It became a fun game - a crazy little highlight to an otherwise stressful and crummy situation.

Memories like these remind me of what a special place A Cleaner World is - a place filled with thoughtful and creative folks that care about each other and take great pride in what they do.

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