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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Pieces of Give A Kid A Coat

When the A Cleaner World family started Give A Kid A Coat in 1987, they had no idea how important the program would become to the community. But not only is it important, over the years it has become special - almost like a Triad institution. I think the thing that makes it special is the way it brings all of us together to work toward a specific goal - to make sure that every child that needs a coat has a coat.

There are so many pieces to the program - folks that donate coats, A Cleaner World employees that stick around late or come in on Sundays to clean coats, the guys at The Salvation Army that drive the trucks to pick up clean coats, Salvation Army volunteers and staff that help those in need find that perfect coat, our friends at Fox 8 and 1075KZL that communicate the message. Each piece is equally important - if one were missing, it wouldn't work.

So thank you everyone for your contribution. Your piece is vital to the success of Give A Kid A Coat.

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