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Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am certain that my little boy has no idea how blessed he is. He has everything he needs and almost everything he wants. My husband and I often talk about how different his childhood is from ours. We both had what we needed but many times did without wants. Not because our parents didn't want to give in to those wants, it was because they didn't have the money for lots of extras.

Obviously needs are more important than wants, but many parents have to go so far as to choose which needs can fit into their budget. "Let's see, this month we can afford food or winter coats for the kids."

I've spent 14 years working on Give A Kid A Coat with The Salvation Army. I've heard so many heartbreaking stories over the years. I'll especially never forget the little girl several years ago that was thrilled to get a coat with pockets because her hands wouldn't be cold anymore. Hearing something like that has to be a motivator to check your closet to see if you have a coat or two to donate to Give A Kid A Coat beginning this Friday. I'll be there with my little boy's outgrown coat.


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  2. I grown in same situation, mam haven't be able to provide me and my sisters by toys, enough food, so you can imagine that we were not fed. I'm also want to give for my kids all they want, but on the other hand they can grown spoiled and impolite. Maybe once i will hire hire essay writer to describe my impressions.


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