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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Storing Clothes at A Cleaner World

When we moved to Tennessee, we purchased a house roughly 50% larger than our old one. Yet it still doesn't have enough closet space. My guess is that most folks would say that they too don't have enough closet space. Did you know that A Cleaner World offers free storage for out of season garments?

If you want to store clothes at A Cleaner World, here's what you should do:
  • Count the garments and make an inventory list.
  • Determine the value of each item.
  • Note decorative trims, particularly suede and leather, as these can dry out and crack if not cold vault stored. Other trims may not be dry cleanable and cannot be stored until properly cleaned.
  • Carefully check for stains and point them out at drop off.
  • When you want to pick up your clothes, just call 24 hours in advance.
Here's what we'll do once we get your clothes:

  • We too will make an inventory list.
  • We will inspect, pre-spot, clean, post-spot, and lightly finish each piece.
  • Once clean, we will either hang or fold the items as needed.
  • Your clothes will be placed in a specially sealed, UV light proof bag impregnated with cedar oil.
  • When we receive the call that you are ready for your clothes, we will take the clothes out of storage and re-finish, inspect, and package them like a regular dry cleaning order.
  • Both storage and insurance are free. You only pay the regular cleaning charges at pick up.
How easy is that?


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