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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Routine Dryer Maintenance

Of course we all know to clean the lint trap after each load. But a dryer is like anything mechanical, it requires maintenance. For instance, you wouldn't just put gas in your car and then do nothing else to it. You need to put forth a little effort to maintain its health in order to get the most out of it. Here's why -- did you know that inefficient dryers run longer and cost more in electricity to operate? Below is a quick and easy list to do once a year to keep your dryer in top shape.

1. Check the balance on your dryer. If it's not level, not only does it make a lot of racket but it can cause the parts to wear out faster.

2. Wash the lint trap. Fabric softeners can clog the small holes in the trap.

3. Pull your dryer out from the wall and wipe the area clean. Remove the venting and clean it out as well.

4. Clean the vent mounted on the outside of your house. Lint can accumulate there and block air flow.

Thank you to my handy husband for keeping my dryer in top shape. Long live your current dryer.

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