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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quality Garments

As I put these tips together, it occurred to me that the only truly expensive piece of clothing in our closet is a custom made tux by Jhane Barnes that my husband purchased for our wedding. The good news (especially for people like me that thrive on quantity -- i.e. 12 pairs of khakis) is that quality garments don't have to be incredibly expensive.

Here are some things to look for to ensure that you get a quality piece of clothing.

1. Look at the fabric - Check to see that the fabric is cut and sewn on the grain. If there is a pattern, make sure it matches all over the garment and does not run against each other.
2. Examine the garment on the hanger - Look to see that it drapes the way it was intended, ensuring that everything is even.
3. Look at the construction - Make sure the seams are properly sewn, reinforced, and secure. They should be straight and finished and lie flat (no puckering). Additionally, higher quality garments typically have wide hems to allow for altering.
4. Buttons, Hooks, and Zippers - Make sure all are sewn on or in securely, not having any loose threads. Zippers should go up and down freely.
5. Is it lined? - Make sure the fabric is dense and solid. The lining should not be sewn in tightly but instead hang with a bit of give so it doesn't rip or tear. Make sure the lining doesn't hang below the hemline.
6. If there is trim or beading, make sure it is sewn on securely.


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