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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Thanks for Donating

Give A Kid A Coat wrapped up its 30th campaign on Saturday after collecting, cleaning, and distributing 20,576 coats.  But I don’t think of it quite that way; I think of it as 20,576 kids and adults that will stay warm this winter thanks to you.  So thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to check your closets.  Thank you for dragging your kids into the mudroom to make them try on coats, which I know can be like pulling teeth.  Finally, thank you for driving to one of our locations to drop off coats.  Give A Kid A Coat starts with you.  If you don’t bring us coats, then we can’t do our part. 

Of course, I cannot forget to thank our staff for the extra hours they put in to make sure the coats are clean and ready for The Salvation Army when they come to pick up. 

The folks at The Salvation Army do just a terrific job organizing the coats and making the distribution process go so smoothly.

Finally, a big shout out to our friends at Fox 8, 1075KZL, and Rock 92 for sharing important details and keeping everyone up-to-date on what’s going on with the campaign.  Give A Kid A Coat is definitely a group effort, and if one piece is missing, then it simply doesn’t work.  But I think that photos say so much more than words do, so perhaps this will convey what I’m trying to say.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Caring for Scout Uniforms

While my son Gray loves being a Cub Scout, he’s really looking forward to being a Boy Scout.  He says it’s because he wants to help the younger kids, but I think there’s a part of him that wants even more bling and a new uniform.  He really likes all the regalia.

This is his fourth year in Cub Scouts, and he’s finally moved into a beige shirt.  Over the years, I’ve learned a little bit about caring for these uniforms.  They’re not difficult to care for, but here are a few things I’ve learned:
  • Don’t waste your money on peel and stick adhesives for the patches.  They say it will stay on during washing, but trust me – it doesn’t.  If you want the patches to stay on permanently, they need to be sewn on.  I’ve tackled that before, but it can be a daunting job.  If you’re not a gifted or patient sewer, you could always ask A Cleaner World to do it.
  • Be sure to wash and iron garments before applying badges.  If you are unsure exactly where the badges need to be placed, check out this guide
  • Before washing, check the care label.  Newer uniforms have instructions but here’s how I went about caring for Gray’s uniform shirt: When washing, especially the navy Class A garments, make sure you remove all pins, turn the garment inside, and wash in cold water.  This will help both protect the badges and reduce the chances of fading, which the navy shirts tend to do pretty easily.  Hang the garment up to air dry.  This again helps protect the badges and reduce fading, then press out the wrinkles with a warm iron if the care label indicates the garment can withstand ironing. 
A Cleaner World has a long history with the Scouts – our President, Chris Edwards, is an Eagle Scout as is his son, Grant.  While we love taking care of all your garments and textiles, we especially love helping out with two things: the American Flag and Scout uniforms!  If you have a Scout uniform question or have one that needs special attention, just stop by one of our locations.  We are always happy to help.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our Coat for Give A Kid A Coat

Over Christmas break, I took the opportunity to force Gray into helping me clean out his closet.  The boy is a packrat, insisting on keeping everything – from the smallest piece of paper to the trinkets from the Chick-fil-a kid’s meal.  I cannot get him to toss anything.  While we were weeding through the stuff, I also sifted through his clothes, making a pile of the things he’d outgrown so we could donate them.

As I dug through his closet, toward the back I found a beautiful, like-new winter coat.  A coat that I think he’d only worn a handful of times because he has both a coat that he’s required to wear to school and a zip up sweatshirt and vest combination that he chooses to wear the rest of the time.  I immediately felt guilty and started thinking about all the children out there that would give anything to have a beautiful, like-new, and most importantly warm winter coat like this one to wear daily.

We took it to A Cleaner World, and Lisa immediately got to work.

And that's how we handle every coat -- we check it and make repairs, clean it, press it, and send it to The Salvation Army so this can happen:

I suspect if you check your closets, you will find a coat or two that you could share with someone in need.  Give A Kid A Coat at any A Cleaner World location now through February 11.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Caring for Neckties

I love neckties; that’s probably because I don’t have to wear them.  When shopping for myself at a department store, I always migrate to the men’s necktie display.  I love the range of colors and styles, and I especially love how simply changing a tie can give a suit a completely different look.

I’ve purchased several good-quality, super fun neckties for my husband over the years.  When it comes to neckties, you really do get what you pay for.  A good-quality necktie isn’t cheap, so if you are going to invest the money in a garment, then it’s likely you want to take good care of it.  But there’s more to taking good care of your ties than just having them cleaned when a spill occurs.  Here’s how A Cleaner World suggests you care for your neckties.
  1. Use care when removing your tie.  Instead of pulling the thin end of the tie through the knot, take the time to remove your tie by following the tie-typing steps in reverse.  This will help your ties keep their original shape longer.
  2. Properly store your tie.  As soon as you remove your tie, hang it over a coat hanger or a tie rack.  This will allow the creases and wrinkles to relax and fall out.
  3. Pack with care.  Fold your ties in fours and place them inside your jacket pocket, then remove and hang as soon as you arrive at your destination.
  4. Address stains and spills immediately.  If you spill something on your tie while out, gently scrape off the excess and blot with a clean, white cloth.  Then leave it alone.
  5. We suggest you take ties to a professional to have them cleaned for several reasons, with the biggest being risk of dye bleeding.
If your neckties are in need of attention, drop them off at any one of our locations.  Our experienced drycleaners will evaluate each tie to determine the best cleaning method, check for colorfastness before cleaning, and use finishing touches to give your tie a like-new appearance.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Caring for Blankets

This time of year our blankets get lots of use.  Now, I’m not talking about the blankets we have on our beds; I’m talking about things like throws and afghans.  My husband is always hot and as a result, Gray and I walk around the house freezing; in fact, I have one wrapped around my shoulders as I write this.  Last month I shared tips on how to dress to stay warm during winter, and one thing I didn’t mention is my love of blankets.  I have blankets and afghans stashed in the living room, my office, our bedroom, and Gray’s room, and because our house is typically like a meat freezer, our blankets are dragged across not always perfectly clean floors usually with Macy either riding on top or using it as a tug-of-war rope.

Bottom line – blankets need to be cleaned too.  Here are some tips to help you care for your blankets.
  • Non-electric blankets – While it is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning blankets, the Federal Trade Commission doesn’t require care labels on blankets.  Many times, however, instructions are provided on a permanent label or a temporary tag.  Most of the time, blankets can be machine washed on a gentle cycle in either cold or warm water and line dried or tumble dried on low.  Most blankets can also be dry cleaned.
  • Wool blankets – Hot water and high drying temperatures can cause wool blankets to shrink.  If the care label suggests machine washing, wash only in cold water on gentle with a mild detergent and line dry.  Some wool blankets may still shrink even if you follow the directions on the care label.   The Drycleaning & Laundry Institute reports that industry standards for shrinkage in blankets allow as much as 6% after 5 washings. 
If you have blankets that need some special attention and you are uncertain where to begin, drop them off at any one of our locations where our super-sized industrial washers and trained staff will clean them and have them ready for you when promised.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Donating a Coat to Give A Kid A Coat

Have your heard of the Five Love Languages – Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch?  Do you know yours?  If I could add a sixth one for my mom it would be – Bargain Purchases.  Nothing trips her trigger more than a good buy.

At the end of July, we were shopping for new tennis shoes for Gray.  Of course while at the department store, she had to check the sale racks.  On one of the racks was a beautiful black winter coat with a fur collar in a size medium.  She picked it up to see that while the original price was $220, it was marked down 90% to $22 AND she had a 30% off coupon, which made the final price $15.40.  I decided to buy the coat for several reasons – first, I loved it; second, it was a good buy, and third, if I didn’t she would have insisted on buying it for me – I know merely for the fact that it was such a steal.

How lucky am I that I can purchase a winter coat that I really don’t need in July simply because it was a good buy?  So many adults in our community don’t have that luxury.  They put off getting winter coats – usually only getting them for their kids – until the last minute because there are more important bills to be paid.  And it seems that I’m not the only person at A Cleaner World thinking about winter coats in July.  On July 21st, the folks from The Salvation Army, 1075KZL, Fox8, and members of our staff met to start planning this year’s Give A Kid A Coat campaign, which kicked off last week.

Since that first planning meeting in July, I’ve been receiving details regarding this year’s kick off and campaign, and I am reminded of the fact that I purchased a coat that I didn’t need – just wanted.  So I will not let that coat become one of a collection, and I will follow my rule of one in, one out and donate a coat to this year’s Give A Kid A Coat campaign.  A Cleaner World will clean it; The Salvation Army will help it find a good home; and I will smile when I put on my new coat knowing that my beautiful, brown, only 2 year old winter coat will be cherished by someone that might not have had a coat if I had chosen not to make that impulse purchase.

I suspect I’m not the only person that has more coats than she needs.  For more information about Give A Kid A Coat, click here

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Year’s Give A Kid A Coat Kick Off

5. Free Food

4. Fun


 2.  All the cool kids will be there
1.  Every coat donated matters

The 2017 Give A Kid A Coat campaign kicks off this Friday, January 6 at the A Cleaner World located at 2527 Eastchester Drive in High Point.  For more information about the 30th annual Give A Kid A Coat campaign, visit our website.

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